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Dial Ulrike And Eamon Compliant
To start you call a phone number which is marked on the wall.

You hear a short introduction and choose whether you will be Ulrike or Eamon then hang up. You find a quiet place to begin.

Two minutes later your phone rings: now you are the person you chose. As you hear about the progression that each person makes into violence and death you stare at the everyday surroundings. You might be asked to find a vantage point, to linger near a doorway or to find a nearby bus shelter. You loiter, you gaze into the distance and you use your keypad to make your choices. You hear about TV appearances, the fire bombing of a supermarket and the night that Benno was shot by a cop on a demonstration. Or, as Eamon, you reflect on getting beaten by soldiers as a teenager, the killing of Ivan Toombs and your rise to the 'Nutting Squad' in charge of internal security for the IRA.

As Eamon and Ulrike reach the climax of their political actions, you too must make a choice. Hang up now and walk away. Or stay on the line and make a public statement about your political beliefs. "You're going to talk? Good, so tell me: what would you fight for?"

We've selected the most interesting, powerful and occasionally odd responses. Have a listen.
18 - 26 October 2013
"You're going to talk? Good, so tell me: what would you fight for?"